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How to Effectively Destress in NYC

According to Forbes, New York City was ranked second in the America’s Most Stressful Cities list. This could be due to the hustle and bustle of city life, expensive rents, or demanding careers, any of which could be causing stress and tension to develop inside your body each day. Thankfully, there are many ways you can relax both inside and outside the city. 

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Find out how to effectively destress in NYC:

Regularly Treat Yourself to a Massage

New York City provides a wide range of spas that will offer everything from full-body massages and facials to manicures and pedicures. If you want to feel happier, relaxed and calm, routinely treat yourself to a massage from a licensed masseuse, as stress and tension can often build up inside a person’s muscles. Once you step off the table, you will feel like a brand-new person, so you will be ready to face an overcrowded subway train or a busy day at the office.

Visit the Wrecking Club to Blow Off Steam

Do you ever feel so angry or stressed that you want to throw your computer screen or break a glass? Well, you can unleash all the tension building up inside your body at The Wrecking Club. The destruction therapy session allows you to throw plates, smash up electronics or appliances, or break glasses in a safe environment. You can even use tools to help banish stress from your body, such as a baseball bat or a hammer. It is the perfect way to blow off some steam after a tense, hectic day in the city.

Book a Relaxing Vacation Away from NYC

Of course, if the city is getting too much for you or your job is causing your stress levels to rise, you might benefit from taking a vacation to a relaxing destination. For example, Cabo San Lucas is one hotspot that is rising in popularity, as it features:

  • beautiful beaches
  • luxury resorts
  • natural wonders
  • an electric nightlife
  • stunning desert landscapes

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle as soon as possible, find out more about jet charter flights: and enjoy a luxury getaway in true style.

Enjoy an Immersive Mediation Experience

If you don’t have time to escape the city, you should consider embarking on an immersive meditation experience, which could help you find your Zen without leaving the Big Apple.

For example, you can book a session at either Inscape or Mindfl, which will allow you to enjoy some quiet time away from the buzz of NYC.

Visit an Expert in Health and Wellness

Stop in for nutritional consultations, personal training, energy boosting treatments, and much more at Radiance Health & Wellness (635 Madison Ave. btw. 59th & 60th Sts., 14th Floor), led by Dr. Natalya Fazylova—a board-certified integrative medicine expert and a dedicated holistic health practitioner. Dr. Natalya and her team evaluate each client individually and provide a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Natalya brings healing modalities from both Eastern and Western medicine into her practice.

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