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Commercial Building Cleaning in NYC

Most buildings in NYC are commercial buildings that rely on their customers and employees to keep them in business. The biggest turn off for a customer is a dirty area. It is imperative for commercial buildings in NYC to have a cleaning service. If your commercial building is not clean, then not only will you customers not return, your employees will either become sick from the dirt, and will not be able to perform their duties, or they will quit because no one likes to work in filth. There is no doubt that commercial cleaning is a big business for NYC. It is very important for a commercial building in NYC to keep their space clean because they will be risking their business and their employees' jobs.

Commercial cleaning in NYC is very important because customers will not return if they think a business or building is dirty. If your customers think your commercial building is dirty, the business will fail because they will not make enough money to stay open. When you hire a company to handle your commercial cleaning in NYC, you are making an investment in your business's future by making sure it is always clean and sanitized. There are several different ways a business can go about making sure their commercial cleaning is handled properly. One way to make sure your building is clean is to simply hire a cleaning company that specializes in commercial cleaning in NYC. If you hire a company that specializes in cleaning then you can have confidence that your business is always going to be healthy for your employees and will give a good impression for your customers. Your cleaning service will provide a sanitized workspace by various cleaning duties that are agreed upon in a contract.

When you hire a commercial cleaning service in NYC, it is likely that the company will ask you to agree on specific terms and agreements via a cleaning contract. In this contract, it will go into detail about what time and which days of the week the company will clean your commercial building. How many square feet your building is will determine how much your commercial cleaning service will cost you. Some cleaning companies will charge more than others to keep your space clean because they either have more experience or use better cleaning equipment. If a cleaning company uses specialty cleaning supplies such as green clean chemicals then their cleaning costs will generally be higher than a company that uses generic detergents.

Depending on the type of cleaning chemicals that are used to clean your commercial building, will scale how clean your space is actually getting. A lot of cleaning companies will try to save money and use cleaning chemicals that do not kill 99% of germs. A lot of the cheap chemicals will not sanitize your commercial building the way more expensive chemicals do. Some cleaning chemicals can kill a lot of germs but may also be harmful to the environment such as bleach. Bleach will kill a lot of germs but it can also ruin items in your commercial office such as cloth chairs or desks. Bleach will stain any surface it comes in contact with. Bleach can also be harmful to animals if not disposed of properly. You should try to avoid commercial cleaning companies that use bleach for office cleaning.

A great cleaning chemical to use in your NYC commercial building is green clean. Green clean cleaning chemical is great for killing 99% of germs and making sure your area is sanitized. Green clean will not harm the environment and will not damage any office supplies. The downside about green clean is that it is very expensive. When a commercial cleaning company in NYC uses green clean, costs may be increased per square foot. Some cleaning companies will clean with generic cleaning chemicals and have an option to use green clean. America’s Cleaning Service will always use green clean chemicals while cleaning commercial buildings.

When you decide that you want to hire a commercial cleaning company in your NYC building, you now have to decide how many days a week you need the service. Determining how often your office needs cleaning will usually come down what type of business you have and how much foot traffic takes place. If your commercial building has a lot of foot traffic from customers and employees, then there is a high chance your space will become dirty and filled with harmful germs quickly. If you have a high volume of foot traffic in your commercial building, you will most likely need cleaning once a day. If you do not have much activity in your building then you can get by with cleaning only every two or three days. The longer you wait between commercial cleanings, the higher the chances are for bacteria build up.

Now that you have figured out what type of cleaning product and how many days a week your business requires commercial cleaning, it is time to decide what time of the day you want your services performed. You can choose to have your cleaning services done during the day when you are around or you can have them done at night. There are benefits to both of these services. One benefit to having your cleaning services done during the day is that you can make sure your cleaning is being done to your liking. A benefit to having your cleaning done overnight is that your business will not be interrupted by cleaners. America’s Cleaning Service recommends cleaning services to be done at night so they can focus on their commercial cleaning in NYC and so they can use their green cleaning chemicals in a well-vented area. America’s Cleaning Service NYC will always make sure your commercial building is clean and secure before they leave at night.

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