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Armenia is the little country in the Caucasus Mountains, at the hinge of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Russia. Armenia carries great historical importance as the country the Kardashians are kind of from and you'd think that essential fact would be reason enough for a few Armenian spots to open in New York on interest alone. However, there are arguably no Armenian-only restaurants left in the city. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sample this country’s cuisine on a few menus throughout New York. Find a few below!



A Lebanese and Armenian restaurant in Flatiron, Almayass welcomes you with a bright, comforting atmosphere, while maintaining its white-tablecloth panache. The food is straight-up magical too, with too many favorites to name. One must are the Armenian mantees, pastry pockets of ground meat arranged in a pot. Cheesy appetizers you’ll definitely want to try are the Hot Feta and suberegs, pastries filled with cheese and parsley. The mixed grill includes everything protein (the filet mignon is particularly scrumptious), while chickpea enthusiasts can rest assured that Almayass serves seven (!) unique flavors of hummus. 24 E. 21st St., 212-473-3100,

Sevan Restaurant & Catering 

It may be a hike out to the end of Queens, but if you’re looking for legit Armenian food, it’s at Sevan. Start with a fresh Armenian salad with tomato and cucumber, and follow it with sizzling mixed grill. The Armenian Khorovats come on lavash, the signature flatbread of this cuisine, and are delightful paired with hummus. Grab some authentic ingredients at Sevan’s grocery next door on your way out! Or just schedule Sevan to cater your next event. 21607 Horace Harding Expy., 718-281-0004

Mamoun Falafel

This Middle-Eastern hole-in-the-wall is the perfect place for a quick falafel or shawarma. With all the essentials, from hummus to baklava, get full for a very low price, and see why Mamoun’s is one of the most beloved pick-up places in the city. Two locations in Greenwich Village,

Brooklyn Bread House

Brooklyn Bread House

Armenia’s signature lavash bread comes from the tandoor oven at Brooklyn Bread House. Lavash is a very thin bread for wrapping meat or vegetables in traditional cuisine. You’ll have to go deep into Brooklyn to find it (we’re talking almost to Coney Island), but this bakery makes perhaps the only authentic iteration in the city. You’ll also find pastries from Russia and the Caucasus regions, including Armenia’s version of honeyed baklava. 1718 Jerome Ave., 718-714-9084


The palindromic Ilili serves Mediterranean with an emphasis on Lebanese. The menu features  Armenian crossovers like the mouhamara dip (walnut and red pepper with pomegranate molasses), rice pilaf mixed with vermicelli noodles, mixed grill, and lamb chops. Also check out the stellar low-priced cocktails and snacks at happy hour at this atmospheric Flatiron restaurant. 236 Fifth Ave., 212-683-2929,

The Little Rascal

A low-lit date spot in Nolita, The Little Rascal is another standout Turkish place with Armenian highlights. An Armenian sausage called bastirma comes with cured beef salami on the cold cuts plate, and the borek is crispy phyllo dough filled with cheese (yum!). For a fresh appetizer, order the cacik, a yogurt dip made with mint and dill and served with cucumber for dipping. 163 Elizabeth St., 212-966-0446,

Pera SoHo

An view of Pera SoHo's outdoor seating area.

With one of the most impressive patios on the downtown dining scene, Pera SoHo (there's also a second Pera in Midtown) delivers a modern update on Turkish cuisine. Pera SoHo also serves a few dishes you’ll find in Armenian kitchens. That includes manti dumplings with lamb and lamb “Adana” lavash twist (lavash is the signature flatbread of the region). Their shashlik-style sirloin is one of their best dishes, served at brunch, lunch, and dinner! 54 Thompson St., 212-878-6305,


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