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Merrill Lee Girardeau grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. The recipient of a BA in English and an MFA in Writing, Merrill Lee teaches English to college students and lives in Brooklyn.

Why You Should See the Frick Collection

(May 25, 2018) - What if you could tour the home of an art collector? You’d see masterpieces hanging inside beautiful interiors and peek in on the life of someone with impeccable taste. That’s exactly what you get at The Frick Collection. This mansion on Fifth Avenue formerly housed Pittsburgh industrialist Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919). (read the story...)

Private Party Planning: Have Your Next Event at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in NYC

(May 25, 2018) - Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, a three-story fine-dining restaurant near Rockefeller Center, is here to help your party go off without a hitch. (read the story...)

5 Steakhouse Breakfasts You Need to Try in NYC

(May 25, 2018) - If you're looking for a steakhouse with a breakfast worthy of the early wake up, New York has you covered. (read the story...)

How to Score Free Tickets to Shakespeare in the Park in NYC

(May 25, 2018) - Shakespeare in the Park is a quintessential New York activity, with famous actors performing some of the finest dialogue written in English—and it all happens at an outdoor theater on beautiful summer evenings. Every summer, the theater company The Public holds these performances in Central Park’s 1,800-seat Delacorte Theater. This year, you can see Othello from May 29 to June 24 and a musical adaptation of the bard’s The Twelfth Night from July 17 to August 19. Every day of the performances, you have a chance to win free tickets to the show. Read on to find out how! (read the story...)

Live Orchestra al Fresco: New York Philharmonic's Concerts in the Parks

(May 25, 2018) - Every year since 1965, the New York Philharmonic has toured the public parks of New York City, bringing free music to anyone with two ears and a picnic blanket. This year, the Concerts in the Park series will last from June 12 to 17, including a diverse program of music to liven up your summer evening. (read the story...)

The 10 Best Restaurants for Outdoor Dining in the West Village

(May 25, 2018) - With all the ivy and filtered sunlight through the trees, this is the perfect place for a meal outside when the weather finally warms up. You might like to watch the world go by on a sidewalk patio or hide out in a pretty backyard garden. Find our picks for both as you discover the ten best outdoor dining experiences this side of Sixth Avenue. (read the story...)

Why Should You Go to NYC's Opry City Stage this Summer

(May 23, 2018) - The Grand Ole Opry spirit has come to New York City, courtesy of Opry City Stage. The legendary Nashville music venue has opened this satellite location in the heart of Times Square, serving cornbread, fried chicken, beer, and live country music every night of the week. (read the story...)

How to Spend a Sunday on the Upper West Side

(May 22, 2018) - If the Upper West Side were a day of the week, it would be Sunday. Here’s why: it’s an easygoing area (by New York standards) full of families, dependable food, and culture. It’s very different from midtown but close enough to walk there, just like lazy Sunday is one day away from manic Monday. We’ve put together an itinerary in chronological order for your Upper West Side day. (read the story...)

State-of-the-Art Shark Tank to Open at New York Aquarium

(May 22, 2018) - A major project is almost complete at the New York Aquarium: a new building full of massive shark tanks. Ocean Wonders: Sharks! opens June 30 and brings 100 shark species, teeth bared for all to see. (read the story...)

9/11 Museum Debuts “Comeback Season: Sports After 9/11” This Summer in NYC

(May 21, 2018) - This summer, come see “Comeback Season: Sports After 9/11”, a special exhibition at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Opening June 27, this exhibit will explore the uplifting moments at sporting events following the September 11 attacks. (read the story...)

Best Restaurants for Outdoor Dining on the Upper East Side

(May 18, 2018) - The Upper East Side is known for Museum Mile (the Met, the Guggenheim) and shopping on Madison Avenue. Neither of these activities gives you much time outside, and on a pleasant day you might like a meal in fresh air. Here’s a guide to get you started, with the best patio seating the Upper East Side has to offer—and some tasty food as well. (read the story...)

NYC's Best Outdoor Movie Screenings for Summer 2018

(May 18, 2018) - Outdoor movie screenings take over the city of New York during the summer, and you’ll find them in almost every borough. Check out our top eight picks for outdoor movie screenings series, ranging from beachfront flicks to movies on the pier. (read the story...)

What’s On and Upcoming at Cooper Hewitt, the Smithsonian Design Museum

(May 17, 2018) - At the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, you’re introduced to the world of design in the masterpiece that is Carnegie Mansion. This gorgeous, historical house on Museum Mile is filled with innovations in all kinds of design, from home furnishings to architecture to paper goods. (read the story...)

Where to Go for the Best Late-Night Desserts in NYC

(May 15, 2018) - New York offers surprisingly few late-night dessert offerings for a city that never sleeps. We’ve rounded up some solid options in a variety of neighborhoods, whether you’re looking to top off a late dinner, a night of theater, or just hankering for something sweet around 11pm (it happens). Onward for great shakes, cakes, cookies, and more! (read the story...)

Best Under-the-Radar Parks in NYC

(May 11, 2018) - We all know the one big park in the center of Manhattan, but don’t you ever wonder about the other green spaces around town? Well, we’ve got you covered with this list, featuring large and small parks in NYC that don’t get as much press but are no less wonderful. (read the story...)

What Are the Best Bike Tours in NYC?

(May 11, 2018) - When biking through New York City with a tour guide, you’re getting one of the best sightseeing experiences the city can provide. (read the story...)

Farm-to-Table with a Side of Jazz at Society Cafe in Greenwich Village

(May 11, 2018) - If you’ve ever walked down West 13th Street in Greenwich Village, you’ve probably passed the impressive facade of the Walker Hotel, a boutique hotel attracting curious passersby with its throwback '30s look and a warm glow coming from within. The ground floor of the hotel is home to an outstanding new player in the neighborhood’s dining scene: Society Cafe. (read the story...)

NYC Happy Hours with Outdoor Seating

(May 11, 2018) - If you like sunsets, cheap cocktails, and fresh air, you picked a great time to visit New York. (read the story...)

New York Outlet Shopping a Half-Hour From Times Square at The Mills at Jersey Gardens

(May 11, 2018) - Outlets? Please and thank you. Just a half hour from the heart of New York, find a mall full of savings at The Mills at Jersey Gardens. These fine stores in Elizabeth, New Jersey, are perfect for fashionistas, families, or anyone headed to nearby Newark Airport. But be sure to allow some time! There are over 200 retail options at New Jersey Gardens. (read the story...)

New York Is Your Oyster at Blue Seafood Bar

(May 11, 2018) - New York is arguably the world’s preeminent coastal town. Case in point? Blue Seafood Bar. This Hell’s Kitchen hot spot offers fresh-as-it-gets seafood that’s also sustainably sourced, from local oysters to grilled octopus to 2-lb. branzino baked in sea salt. (read the story...)

What to Do on Your Visit to the Louis Armstrong House in Queens

(May 04, 2018) - A lesser-known museum in New York is jazz hero Louis Armstrong’s home, which has been preserved since his death in 1971, its fabulous mid-century decor intact. The site is informative and beautiful and is located in Corona, Queens. This is a residential area without much tourist traffic, but that’s your chance to scope out some authentic New York and enjoy the best of what the area has to offer. (read the story...)

Where to Find Made in NYC Clothing and Accessories

(May 04, 2018) - New York is the fashion capital of the world, and yet so few labels actually make their clothing and accessories here. In the spirit of the "slow fashion" movement, we present some brick-and-mortar stores (plus a few online outlets) that carry brands whose pieces are designed and made right here in New York City! (read the story...)

Don't Miss the New Spring Menu at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

(May 04, 2018) - Called “Wall Street’s Favorite Restaurant” by Business Insider, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse New York serves prime steaks at its three-story space on Sixth Avenue near Rockefeller Center. This high-end steakhouse is an empire unto itself, with top-of-the-line steaks and award-winning wine, not to mention fresh-caught seafood and their famous lemon cake to top off your meal. (read the story...)

Specialty Goods for Foreign Visitors to NYC

(May 04, 2018) - Picture this: you’ve just booked your plane tickets to New York. You’re thrilled!! And then it starts to sink in: you have so many details to figure out. From downloading maps to exchanging currency to finding your passport, it can be a bit of a hassle to travel here from abroad. But we have a few solutions for you! From the practical (international SIM card) to the selfie-stick to beat all selfie-sticks, here’s a list of products to make your oversea excursion just a little bit easier. (read the story...)

Upcoming Outdoor Craft Fairs in NYC

(April 30, 2018) - Have you ever been walking down the street in New York, turned a corner, and found a street full of handmade jewelry and screen-printed t-shirts? Craft fairs pop up all over town once the sun comes out for the season, and we’ve got the list for where to find them. At these craft fairs, you can find unique treasures to take back with you from your trip. No souvenir store can match the care and creativity of these designs, and the al fresco experience will improve your shopping experience as well! Here are the craft fairs to watch out for in Manhattan and Brooklyn this spring and summer. (read the story...)

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